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    Praga – Different Religions Tour

    Praga – Different Religions Tour
    September 14, 2016 Warsaw Paths

    Warsaw Praga – Different Religions Tour

    Warsaw’s Praga district is situated on the right-bank of Vistula River. Its history goes back over five hundred years. At the beginning, Praga was an autonomous settlement, and given city status in 1648. It became part of Warsaw in 1791. Today, Praga’s exquisite charm and vivid artistic scene attract crowds of Varsovians and tourists alike. This is the only chance to explore the unusual places with professional guide in a matter of just few hours.

    This tour takes you through the oldest part of the district, allowing visitor to see Praga’s most interesting monuments (St. Floriant’s Cathedral, St. Mary Magdaleine’s Orthodox Church, Mother of God of Loretto’s Church amd places connected with the history of Praga’s Jews), which are proof of the historical coexistence of major religious communities in Warsaw.





    Quick Overview

    The tour is located in the very heart of old part of Praga district. It usually takes 2-3 hours to complete the full circle and visit all the places of interest. Should you feel tired, we can cut it shorter or quicker if you wish.

    This tour does not contain paid entrances. All attractions are free. Some restrictions may apply in sacral objects, eg. taking photos during an ongoing ceremony etc.

    Tour Details

    • Points of Interest: 18 stops
    • Duration: 2-3 hours
    • Availability: Mon-Sun, 9 am-8 pm
    • Transportation: On foot
    • Price: €10/person

    Tour’s Main Attractions

    St Florian’s and St Michael’s Cathedral

    Neo-gothic church dated 1888-1901. The church is one of the most distinctive features of Praga and its towers can be seen from a far distance, even on the other side of the Vistula River.

    The Catedral was viewed by its contemporaries as one of the most beautiful Polish churches, and its design was later replicated in different Polish cities.

    Warsaw Synagogue of Praga

    This small round building designed by Jozef Grzegorz Lessle served as a place of worship for generations of Praga’s Jews, until World War II when the Nazis transformed the synagogue into a delousing centre. The devastated, though not completely destroyed building survived the occupation. Not recognized as valuable, the building was pulled down by the authorities in 1961. The only remaining part of the synagogue is the old fence.

    St Mary Madeleine’s Metropolitan Orthodox Church

    Built by Russian for propaganda purposes in 1860s the church is one of the most characteristic features of Praga’s landscape. Today, St Mary Madeleine’s Church functions as a cathedral. The neighboring building, which dates from 1871, is the seat of the Metropolitan, the superior of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church.

    Church of Our Lady of Loreto

    It is Praga’s oldest building, A chapel is all that remains of the old building that used to be adjacent to a baroque church and Observants monastery. The immense baroque temple was constructed between 1628 and 1638. The monastery, with its cloister garth, was situated on the northern side of the church and was home to thirty monks.