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    Old Town – The Warsaw Uprising 1944

    Old Town – The Warsaw Uprising 1944
    September 15, 2016 Warsaw Paths

    Old Town – The Warsaw Uprising 1944

    This tour will take you for unforgatable ride through modern history of last century. We will show you around the places that still hold trails of events from Warsaw Uprising of 1944, tell their story and bring up what happens when moral boundaries are all forgotten. We will listen to the stories of the walls and pavements and places that still remember the glory and the horrors of those days.

    Follow the trails of Warsaw Uprising of 1944 that took place in Old and New Town area. Discover the remaining spots and object that survived destruction of this beautiful and historial part of Warsaw, feel the heat of summer of ’44 and of the battles that took place among the street and rubbles of Old Town.





    Quick Overview

    Warsaw Uprising Tour will take you for a walk in discovery of leads and trails in and around of New and Old Town – the oldest district of Warsaw. We will try to follow the heritage and stories of places and object bearing marks of events of August and September of 1944.

    We will start at the steps of King Zygmunt III Waza Column (Kolumna Zygmunta) and make a full circle through Old and New Town. The tour will end in the very same place as its starts

    It usually takes 2-3 hours to complete the full circle and visit all the places of interest. Should you feel tired, we can cut it shorter or quicker if you wish.

    Tour Details

    • Points of Interest: 29 stops
    • Duration: 3 hours
    • Availability: Mon-Sun, 9 am-8 pm
    • Transportation: On foot
    • Price: €15/person

    Tour’s Main Attractions

    Monument of Little Insurgent

    Touching sculpture of a boy with a helmet much too large for him, which commemorates the heroic children who fought againts the Germans during the Warsaw Uprising. The figure is inspired by the story of 13 year old corporal Antek, himself killed in action close to the scene on August 8th, 1944.

    Curch of St. Casimir

    Originally the church was the residence of a business magnate, which was bought by Queen Maria Kazimiera Sobieska, and then turned into a church. During the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, it was a rebel hospital and a shelter for the civilian population. As a result of targetted bombing, hundreds of people were killed by falling rubble.

    Warsaw Uprising Monument

    The monument commemorates the thousands of heroes of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising who gave their lives for their homeland, having fought against the occupiers for 63 days under woefully uneven odds. It is a two-part monument. An entryway into the canal system used to escape from the Germans was located on Plac Krasińskich.

    PWPW Polish Security Printing Works

    During the Warsaw Uprising the building of PWPW was an important and strong point of resistance of the insurgents in the New Town (Nowe Miasto) area. The Works was brought under control and defended by PWB/17/S group supported by other Home Army troops. As a result of the fights the buildings were severely damaged.