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    Most Famous Warsaw Uprising Photos – Storming the PAST building

    Most Famous Warsaw Uprising Photos – Storming the PAST building
    May 13, 2016 Warsaw Paths

    Two insurgents observing skyscraper of Polish Telephone Company (PAST) at Zielna street and the smoke rising from it. There was telephone switchboard operator center of German General Government and the German crew inside of the building so they could shoot down from it covering large area of downtown.

    On August 20th, after several hours of heavy fighting, the insurgents conquered skyscraper with their battalion “Kiliński”, supported by assault platoon of “Koszta” company, two patrols of sappers , feminine mine laying patrol, two patrols of flame throwers and a fire brigade unit. This was one of the biggest successes of the uprising soldiers. They killed 38 Germans and 120 became POWs.

    This image was created during the storming of the PAST. It is an outstanding work of photographer Eugeniusz Lokajski, nicknamed “Brok”, pre-war Polish multiple record holder in the javelin and a participant of the Olympic Games in Berlin. Right then when visting German capital city he bought his Leica camera, with which he took pictures during the the uprising few years later. As a soldier of “Koszta” company, liaison officer, then commander of one of the platoons, he photographed people and events in North Downtown during Warsaw Uprising of 1944. At the time of acquiring PAST he even shot a movie.

    He did not live up to see the surrender of the uprising. He died on September 25th. On that day he went to the store of Stanislaw Bienkowski at Marszalkowska 129 where he usually bought his photographic materials to pick up mor of these. In the same moment the building was hit with a bomb and ‘Brok’ died under collapsed wall. Before he left for the shop he handed his precious clichés with several hundreds of photos into care of his sister Zofia Domanska, which preserved them for nearly 60 years.

    They eventually were gifted to the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising.

    We visit the very same place during our North Downtown – Warsaw Uprising 1994 tour. Please join us to see it and listen to the full story.


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