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Posts tagged with ‘Warsaw Uprising’

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    In April 1943, a struggle born of desperation took place in Warsaw. After years of horrific conditions in the ghetto,…

  • Destruction of Warsaw

    Rarely in human history, modern or ancient, there is a situation when an entire city goes through total destruction. This…

  • Most Famous Warsaw Uprising Photos – Nurse Rose

    This adorable little 8 years old girl with a bow in her hair and red cross ribbon on her arm…

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    Two insurgents observing skyscraper of Polish Telephone Company (PAST) at Zielna street and the smoke rising from it. There was…

  • Most Famous Warsaw Uprising Photos – The Insurgents Parade

    This moment has been captured in the frame by photo journalist Sylwester Braun “Kris”. Unit of insurgents marches down Chmielna…

  • Chase For Radium

    A gram of radium Maria Sklodowska-Curie gave to Warsaw’s Radium Institute she had founded. During the occupation the element was…

  • Most Famous Warsaw Uprising Photos – A Man And A German Flag

    The first hours of the Warsaw Uprising. A young man in a short tunic and peaked cap tries to bring…

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    This is probably the most famous image of the Warsaw Uprising, known from the covers of books and hundreds of…